Being Mam

Unsaid competitions on the best “in the air” photo.  He won.  This time.

A morning of ulcers, snuggles and hot chocolate.

“Mam!  I think looking for my school blazer and shoes right now is more important than doing my hair!”…*cries* when will he learn?! ;)

Eating donuts sat next to the lake after karate, instead of heading home to bed.

“Mam.  You’re not going to be happy about this…but they’ve “banded” football at school playtimes!”

Setting the alarm for 6:15 on the weekend {ouch!} for a football tournament.

Giving myself a headache from all of the shouting in said tournament.

“Switch that bloody PS4 off!”…x 1000

“Nos Da, Cariad” with promises of coming to check on him in five minutes.  I eventually do…but it’s never in five minutes.

“Maaaaammm!  Dwi di anghofio gwneud fy llyfr melyn!” at least twice a week…

“You can go in and watch ‘Angry Birds’ yourselves.  Oh, what?  You’re going to watch The Jungle Book?  Well, you best get me some popcorn too, then!”  LOVED.  IT.

My very own Bear Grylls making his own fire in the garden.

My very own Gareth Bale scoring with a header…“over the goalie and into the top corner”…apparently, I must remember to mention the details!

“Are you ready for school?”…”Yeah…nearly…” he says sitting there in his pants with one hand down his…oh, never mind…

“Mam.  Football is no longer banded.”  Phew.


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