24 Hours in Aberystwyth

Picture the scene…we’re in the car making our way to Aberystwyth for the night to camp.  As we’re driving towards Corris there’s this big, black cloud in the sky…and no matter how bad it looks, we’re convinced it will clear up by the time we arrive.  “It’s ok bois, we’ve got around 18 miles to go yet…it will have cleared up by then”…the rain is b o u n c i n g!

18 miles later and we’re pitching up our tent in thunder and lightning.  The rain hasn’t quite arrived yet, so we’ve got the tent up in record time!  We’re there to watch the Pearl Izumi Tour Series, when we came a couple of years back it was a gorgeous evening…it was bound to be the same again…wasn’t it?!

ha!  We got soaked through, but don’t let those first couple of paragraphs put a damper on it {pun intended}, we had a great time.  And sure enough, as soon as the race had finished, it cleared up and gave us a pretty sunset.

24 Hours in Aberystwyth looks a bit like this:




Clarach Beach looking pretty on Saturday morning, it made up for the thunder and lightning the previous night…until it started again that afternoon…



There’s a lot of karate talk going on around here lately…


Not to mention cuddles…always cuddles.


“Robb, just take it, that way we know Mam’s got her photo”…

You’d swear I always had my camera or something?!…

And before we know it, we’re packing and getting ready to head off again.



More info here on the Aber Cycle Fest, which is worth a visit if ever you are in the area.

We camped at Glan y Mor Leisure Park, Clarach Beach and would do so again…just without the thunder and lightning next time ;)

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