{captured} Giant’s Causeway

I really genuinely thought we were just going to rock up to some beach here and see what was what for ourselves.  How wrong was I?!  {I should have got the hint when I saw the National Trust bit on the website etc…}.  Not only was there someone there telling us where to park, we got our very own personal guides in the form of an audio guide as we discovered the area.  Not forgetting the interactive exhibits in the Visitor Centre.  So interactive, in fact, one bit made Robb jump about a metre back he had such a fright!

From the moment you step outside your car to when you are ordering your coffee at the end of your visit, this is known as the Visitor Experience.  And what an experience it is.

Here are some photos;


The Grand Causeway


I’ve since discovered that photographing them isn’t that easy and there’s a reason why there are tips on the internet…


Thank God for landscape photos!


The Audio Guides were brilliant throughout {although mine did freeze at one point}, as they detailed the story for the bois, who were in awe of it all and their surroundings.  If I’m honest, we loved the story just as much as they did!  You could listen to and replay the audio guide as many times as you wanted, which came in handy.


Giant’s Boot.  “Apparently lost by Finn as he fled from the wrath of Scottish giant, Benandonner, the boot is reputed to be a size 93.5!”



Alf stood at the Giant’s Organ.  The story goes you can hear the Giant playing on his organ on Christmas Morning, if you are there at 6 am…

We decided to head back to the Visitor Centre via the Shepherd’s Steps; made up of 167 steep steps, they are not for the faint hearted.  True to form, Alf made us all count each and every one as we made our way to the top…we had a couple of different figures at the end…I blame the all the ice cream we seemed to have eaten that weekend…

The views along the top were some of the best though;




Feeling on top of the World with my Bois.  Giant’s Causeway, you were everything and more.

What a trip.  We will be back.

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