Camping Tips with Halfords

Now that we have done our first camping trip of 2016, I feel we are officially in to Camping Season…or at least us “fair weather” campers are anyway.  The other evening while I was thinking of the Summer months ahead of us {hopefully dry Summer months} and future camping trips, it got me reminiscing over previous camping trips; our first one as a family, the first time I camped at a festival,  camping holidays abroad and that time we camped with friends and made our own Sangria and I didn’t know which tent was mine at the end of the night…

Here’s some memories and what we’ve learnt from over the years {other than don’t drink too much Sangria…} ;

“Room” with a view…Aberystwyth, 2016


Choose The Right Tent For You.  If you’re going to be spending a lot of time camping, invest in a good one that’s right for you, your family and your belongings; enough room for you all, separate sleeping departments for the children, a storage area perhaps?  We like to play cards when camping and we play in the “living room” of our tent with a light hanging above us, so a tent with a big living area suits us.  We’ve also got one with 3 sleeping areas, but only put use the two for sleeping so that the 3rd can be used to store our stuff.

…and last and by no means least, if you’re planning to camp in the UK, make sure it’s WATERPROOF!

Before You Leave: Double-Double Check you have everything on you checklist.  Not got a checklist?  Here’s one {at the end of the guide}.   We arrived at our destination one year to find out we had left all of our clothes at home!  I wish I was joking when I tell you this, but, nope.  We ended up shopping in all the sale sections that afternoon…not something we had planned for our weekend away.

Morfa Nefyn, 2014

Entertaining the Kids; There is nothing worse than bored kids jumping all over you in the tent.  You will eventually go insane.  You don’t have to pack EVERYTHING, just a bat and ball for a game of rounders, a football, a pack of cards.  Or even better, head out and explore your surroundings; hit the beach or go for a walk.  Take you swimming gear, if it’s not nice enough to hit the beach, find out where the local swimming pool is.

Football Match at Cae Clyd, nr Caernarfon, a favourite spot with friends; Mixed Adult & Children Football Matches – keeps everyone entertained for hours when things get r e a l l y competitive!

Gazebo’s come in very handy.  When we’ve camped with other families, the gazebo in the middle of all of our tents was brilliant for all the kids to have tea together in, where cards were played if the weather wasn’t too good on us…and once all the kids have gone to bed, somewhere for all us adults to sit together until the early hours.

Ilan and Alfie, their first camping trip together back in 2010 I think?!

Cooking while Camping; It goes without saying, that you should never cook inside your tent because of the risks.  What we’ve learnt here is to just keep it simple.  Don’t go packing you whole kitchen, just the basics.  Or, like on our recent camping trip, because we were only there for the one night, we ate out every mealtime.  Easy.  It also meant no washing up so we didn’t need to take the washing up bowl etc with us.


Pick a good spot; one that is as flat as possible, ideally on higher ground, away from toilets and make sure your tent door faces away from the wind.  Bonus points if you manage to get a pitch with a good view, preferably like this one above, with a glass of wine in hand. ;)

Above all else – ENJOY it!  Let the kids run around barefooted until they’re ready for bed, eat an extra burger, snuggle up by the fire with a pot noodle watching the sun go down and wake up to the sound and smell of bacon being cooked.

More Info:

I wrote a tongue-in-cheek guide a couple of years back – click here.

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{serious face: guide provided by Halfords, top image via Alex Holt, but all thoughts and words are my own…and that Sangira sore head…}

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