The Mick Extance Off Road Motorcycle Experience

…or another reason why I bloody love my job!…or the day I learnt to ride a motorcross bike!…or the day I  giggled to myself a hell of a lot.  These are just a few of the other title’s I could have called this post.  Because, giggle and learn to ride a motorcross bike, I did!  Along with this great bunch too…

Mick Extance Experience 3

The Tilhill Team and the man himself, Mick Extance on the left.

From the moment we arrived on site to the minute we left, there were smiles all around.  Not just from us lot, but from the Mick Extance Team itself, who are genuinely pleased to have you with them and excited for you.  Their love for what they do just oozes and quite simply, they just want you to love it too.  And for riding to be made safer.


Upon our arrival, we were shown to our bags which had our kit inside; Fatree5 kit, Acerbis Boots, Acerbis helmet, goggles and elbow/knee pads.  Being the only female there, I got my very own changing room.  Which is also a great room on site for those who aren’t taking part with sofa’s to sit back and relax on and most importantly, there’s coffee!  But, luckily for us, we were there to ride the bikes!

Mick Extance Experience 2

I genuinely have no idea what I’m doing here.  But that’s Sam from the office, and I think we’re a little excited.


As much as Mick Extance and co want you to go out there and have fun…they also want you to do it safely.  So, before we got to go and do that, we had a full briefing and an introduction to the bikes we would be riding.  I was riding a 125…and my feet just about touched the floor when I was sat on it…

Helmet {Check}, Goggles {Check} and after my first “introduction” around the centre and being told I had good clutch control {fnar fnar!}, this girl was ready!

There was no pressure at all to keep up with those in front of you, it was stressed that we were all here to have fun and to just stick to whatever felt comfortable for you.  I didn’t quite get to grips with the gear changing at first but I got there in the end.  Sort of ;)


After racing riding around the forest roads, we soon arrived at The Dark Side; a downhill track full of mud, rocks, puddles and my screams of “Shit!”…”Argh!”…but thankfully, Mike is with you the whole time guiding and instructing you.  The feeling of achievement when you go around the second time all by yourself having completed it with that little extra confidence, is great!  So much so that I may have got a little carried away at the top…let’s just say I couldn’t lift the bike up off the floor all by myself…

There is a variety of “Experiences” you can book yourself on, as well as a Ladies Day, which Mick tells me, he would love to see more women get involved in and experience for themselves.  What are you waiting for Ladies?! If I can do it…

The highlight of my day was the “Top Track” {I think that’s what it’s called}, I had an absolute blast riding through the mud and puddles…and high fiving myself for staying on!

I could go on and on…but I think it really is something you need to experience for yourselves.

Thanks to Mick and his Team for a great afternoon.

More info on Mick Extance Experience: website / facebook / twitter.

PS – In the same forest – a plane wreck.

5 thoughts on “The Mick Extance Off Road Motorcycle Experience

  1. I love that you were the only woman there – you rock!!!
    Looks so much fun – nice to see a dedicated forest for it.

    We have lots of off-roaders here and I hate them because they cause so much destruction to roads, animals etc but I’ve said all along, there’s dedicated forest’s for things like this – use them!!

    I may have to check that out – I’m totally used to my twist & go so don’t know how I’d feel on one but looks fun… ;-)

    1. OMG, you would absolutely LOVE it, Chelsea!! It’s bloody brilliant fun! We’re having trouble with the same motorbikes by the sounds of it. Really frustrating, aren’t they?! X

      1. One on the list for next year perhaps! ;-) Ah yes well same area (ish) so they probably have the whole run of it. I tell you what – a few weeks ago, one stopped and knocked to ask if he could leave his bike in my back garden as it had broken down and he had no clue where he was. 3 hours later he came back with his van to collect it. I happened to mention that farmers like to shoot at things that go faster than a tractor … I haven’t seen that lot since. ;-) xx

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