{captured} Chirk Castle

For some unknown reason, we have never been to Chirk Castle.  {shock, horror, i know!}.  It’s only about half an hour’s drive for us.  But seeing as we are now National Trust Members, we intend on making the most of it; Chirk Castle and everywhere else the membership has to offer.  So much so, I nearly went back there the Sunday after our visit, but couldn’t get the bois away from the village.  Running around a forest in full army gear won that day.

Back in June, we decided to take Alf and a few of his mates there to celebrate his birthday.  Well, it was either that or run around our house and garden…and no body wants to do that, not when I’ve got my new kitchen tiles down and am slightly obsessed with keeping them clean.  Anyway, back to Chirk Castle…


We picked an absolute beaut of a day to head to the castle.  All the flowers in full bloom and the bluest of skies.


“Make sure your sticker is on show” – so they stuck them to their foreheads.




Their day was made when they realised they could try on the armour.


I’m still not 100% sure which child this is…


And then we reached the Gardens and lost the bois for a while…

Chirk Castle



…until I spotted a foot in a tree.  They ran around, they climbed trees, they jumped over walls, they laughed, they cried…they had a great time.



Yeah…these four.  Definitely on their best behaviour…

Chirk Castle, we’ll be seeing you again.  Especially for that ice cream.

 More info on Chirk Castle – here.

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