Things I Want To Remember

Late Evening Walks instead of bedtime…{we’ve got to make the most of the blue sky, whatever the time of day around here…}

How choked up I can get over a school report.


Robb’s first day at his first job.

Beyonce Live.

Alf turning and winking at me once we’d got our red belts in karate.  *sigh* That boi…

A house full of flowers.

That rare 5am sunrise I witnessed the other morning because I needed the loo.  I crawled back into bed thinking “I might get up at 5am more often”.  I haven’t.

“Ride On” played Live.

My wonderful Auntie “I’ll have you know my Father and my Brother’s played football and not one of them is a thug!”…love her.  All of them, in fact.

“Wine Time” with my sister.

Tears of laughter and sadness looking through old photographs by myself today.

How much I love FailVids.

4 thoughts on “Things I Want To Remember

    1. Aah, thanks lovely! That’s made my day. I hadn’t realised how much I missed writing these ones until I started! Great to know that someone is reading them too xxx

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