Being Mam…

“Definitely early to bed tonight, bois bach!”…only to find most of us still up at 10.45pm watching The Olympics.

Listening to Alf sing “Return to Sender” in the shower.

Whilst food shopping {that one time I did it…I’ll say it Paul, before you do…;) }, “how about we get some really nice food in the trolley today instead of stuff like…like…vegetables?!”

It’s happened…since getting himself a job, Robb has gone and got himself an iphone which is permanently stuck to his right hand…

Trying to explain the consequences of running late…whilst brushing our teeth and putting our socks on at the same time.  Skills!

Full blown {no pun intended} conversation about false boobs…

“Is she an adult or a child?”…Alf’s favourite question to ask me whilst watching the Gymnastics the other night.  It didn’t get boring…honest.

“When will Taid be able to play football with us again?”

“We’re going down the village…we’ll probably end up somewhere else…we’ll be back after we’ve been somewhere else…“or something like that…great…thanks, Bois.

“You know how we’ve left ________* tonight?  We’ll sort it in the morning”.

They never do.

The funniest thing at ours the other evening?  Me, singing a song that contains the word ‘Shit’, apparently.

*fill in the blanks with table, bedroom, garden etc. etc.

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