{captured} Powis Castle

All of a sudden, the Summer Holidays are s l o w l y but surely coming to a close {sorry, kids!}.  Having realised I hadn’t taken that much time off yet, last Monday seemed like a good idea to book off and spend with Paul and the Bois.  We had made plans to cram a few things in this day, but a good lie in put an end to all of it.

We were all a little undecided as to what we wanted to do exactly for the afternoon…so ended up parking the car and flipping a coin on the way.  Powis Castle it was.  I promise you will get to go canoeing at Lake Vyrnwy, Robbie!

But Powis Castle more than made up for it.


I didn’t find out until I was caught red handed, but photos of inside the Castle aren’t allowed.  So, all of the photos are what caught my eye as we walked around the gorgeous gardens…and learnt just how terrified Alf is of Peacocks!  We’re talking ‘digging-your-heels-in-the-gravel-get-me-the-hell-out-of-here’ scared!  Sidenote…it’s also very funny…, sorry, Alf.


But there is so much to see inside.  There are story boards as you go through each room detailing the life of Percy Clive and the Collection in the Clive Museum is impressive.


Apples galore in many of the trees in the garden.

Did you know you can stay at this lovely cottage that is within the Castle grounds?!  How ace would that be?


These 3 would love it!  The whole garden as their very own wrestling ring.


…whilst I’d be over here, doing my own thing ;)



There was an assault course for Children down at the bottom of the garden.  Children’s assault course or not, Alfie still wiped the floor with Paul when it came to racing under this.


Powis Castle, well worth a visit…if only for Alf’s reactions to the Peacock… ;)

More info on Powis Castle here.

Other National Trust site’s we’ve visited here, here and here .



5 thoughts on “{captured} Powis Castle

    1. It’s lovely there, you should go! Maybe one day we’ll get a pic of us both doing handstands in front of a castle! {We’re way behind on our coffee date!} X

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