{captured} Dyrham Park, nr Bath

“Hi Cara!  It’s me.  What’s your home address again?…I’ve not got it on me…{long pause}…sod it, shall I just book some train tickets and hand deliver your birthday present instead?!”  *squeals down the phone*.

And that is how a fantastic weekend in Bristol begun.

With Paul working all weekend and Robb away, it was just me and Alf, my trusty little fun seeker.  We headed down on the train, arms full of books, the kindle and some treats.  Turns out, Alf just wanted to chat aaaallll the way there…and get a few giggles out of the others that were travelling too… :)

It was a weekend full of friends, laughter, wine {well, this is Cara we were staying with} oh, and an awesome Gin cocktail Saturday eve too, thanks to the Lines household!


We had a mini road trip to the National Trust’s Dyrham Park Saturday morning…Here’s a tip for you, if you ever find yourself travelling with the Parry’s; Make sure YOU have control of the music and the volume.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you ;)

Anyway, Dyrham Park; an ancient deer park, 17th century house and formal gardens not far from Bath.  Where we had the prettiest of walks and then built our own den before we realised it was right next to a wasps nest {!!}.  Well, I say “we” but it was poor Gaz who got stung a few times when he disturbed them! 

 But Dyrham Park, what a beauty of a place!


Picnicing with deer grazing nearby…and then realising we’ve been sitting in deer pooh…oh, the glamour of it all!




“Pick your own” they said…so pick our own we did!  And all of a sudden it was like being back at Taid Rhosllan’s garden picking his home grown garden peas.



I got a shot of the deer…it was on the bus as we were leaving, but hey, I got a shot!

The legs on tha’! ;)


Norah = hashtag girlcrush.

Thanks for having us you lovely Parry’s, you!  Always a blast!

And to finish off, the best photo I got of the three of them together…


More info on Dyrham Park here

>> Also, linking up with Annie over at Mammasaurus – go check her blog out – you will not be disappointed, I promise! <<

8 thoughts on “{captured} Dyrham Park, nr Bath

  1. Ah this looks fun! I can just picture your face when you realise you’ve been picnicing in deer poo – malteaser anyone? ;)

    Looks like a jolly good jaunt – and double win with the gin cocktail evening.

    Thanks for joining in sweet cheeks – hope your weekend is going well x

  2. I went to a wedding at Dyrham Park a few years back and then visited again to have more time to look round. I didn’t see any deer but a cow tried to crash into our car as we arrived! Gorgeous photos that brought back some nice memories for me.

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