{captured} Lizard Point, Cornwall

Top of my list of ‘Places to Visit’ when we were holidaying in Cornwall was Lizard Point.  All the images I had seen showed the most amazing views and blue skyes forever.  We would never get that sort of weather when we were there, I thought.  How wrong was I.


After carrying towels, a football and other beach stuff down from the car park, we soon realised this was more of an “adventure walk” {as they have now come to be known between us four} kind of place.


Off we went after we’d dropped everything back at the car…but not before we’d picked up an ice cream on our way.  I can’t remember what Ice Cream I’d had…I think it was tainted by the fact the guy over the counter told me he couldn’t detect a Welsh accent at all…AND HE WAS WELSH!  Anyway…

We were soon down amongst the rocks.


…blue skyes forever! *fistpunch*


The bois were in their glory climbing and jumping from rock to rock.   There was this poor woman having kittens watching Robb come down one big rock.  “Has he fallen yet?!” I heard her ask her husband with her hands over her face… {it wasn’t this one Nain, if you read this…}




The only shot you will see of me in my bikini top on the world wide web…


Breathtakingly Beautiful.


I’ll finish this post with my favourite “adventure walkers” ever.


I can’t wait to show you more of what we got up to in Cornwall!

More Info on Lizard Point here.

And more National Trust places we’ve visited here, and here.

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