{captured} Land’s End, Cornwall

“I can’t believe you have to pay to get your photo taken with the sign!”

“I know.  Anything to get more money out of people.”

“So, are we having one?”


…or something like that.  :)

Our time at Land’s End was pretty great actually.  Of course we had our photo taken with the sign, it’s got to be done.  We also went for a lovely {but quite windy…it’s windy in Cornwall…} walk along the cliffs, I took far too many photos {always}, we had a mooch about the shop, talked the bois out of buying stuff just for the sake of it {we’ve all been there, hey?!}, before eating the best Cornish Pastie of our holiday down there.


“Dad!  Quick!  We’ve found Bala…and Wrexham…oh, and Llangollen!”



The sea was pretty fierce that day.



“Let’s have a lovely photo of you both, bois”…



Aah, take me back.


Robb’s hair in this one…like I said, it’s windy down there…


We feel like we really lucked out with the weather that week.

Land’s End was very pretty…but that Cornish Pastie?!  I’d go all the way back down for that too.

One last cheesy photo to finish on…


“Say Cheeeeeeeese!”…”Just take the photo, Alf…” ;)

8 thoughts on “{captured} Land’s End, Cornwall

  1. It looks like you had a fabulous time. I love Cornwall, we went last year for a week and I swear it was the best holiday in forever. And yes the cornish pasties *swoon*. x

  2. I’d go pretty far for a decent pasty! I am a little shocked that you need to pay for a photo, although I’d still do it ;) I haven’t been to Cornwall before, think I need to rectify that!

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