{captured} St Michael’s Mount

You know those places you go to and as you spot it in the distance, you’re all like “This is going to be ace!”  That’s the feeling I got as we drove along the coast towards St Michael’s Mount.  With the blue sky and sea surrounding it, it seemed like the perfect place to explore with our bois.


As a tidal island, you either walk along the cobbled causeway at low tide or take a boat ride during high tide.  As it was low when we were visiting, we got to walk and take in the stunning scenery whilst discussing what we were hoping to find at the Castle.


Throughout our holiday, I kept pointing out all of the hydrangeas.  They were everywhere and it turns out, they are very common in Cornwall, so it was no surprise that the Gardens at St Michaels Mount were also filled with them.  Even though I’d just shoved my face into one shrub full of them…I’d still have to do the same again when we came to the next shrub. ;)

We made our way up to the Castle whilst searching for the Giant’s Stone Heart.  Legend has it that you can still his heart beating on a quiet day…


On a day like this one, you could see for miles.


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The St Auben Family still live here too!  Imagine being invited around there for your tea…!!

And then we arrived at the Castle itself and headed straight in to see what we could discover for ourselves.


All the windows…


All the flowers…


And painted windows that had the bois mesmerised.


When we visit Castle’s and so on, one of my favourite things to do is take a step back and listen to these three hatch plans on how they’d fight to protect their Castle, discuss the history behind it all and just basically be a team.  Oh, and then they’d discuss how they’d love and protect their Queen {me!}…ha! not really, but let’s pretend just for me ok?! ;)  Go Team Lowe!

With closing time fast approaching, there was time for one last wrestling match in the gardens before making our way back to the beach…to wrestle some more.  Obviously, because what else are they going to do!?…

Processed with Snapseed.

St Michael’s Mount – definitely worth a visit!  More info here.  It’s also a National Trust site for those of you who are members.

{Before this, we paid £40 to visit a tin mine nearby…St Michael’s Mount over the tin mine any day!  My personal opinion but just saying.}


To finish; Alfie Lowe, our hilarious, confident, freckle faced, blue eyed boy who we kept mistaking a scratch on his chin for chocolate for the rest of the holiday.  Probably from all the bloody wrestling…

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11 thoughts on “{captured} St Michael’s Mount

  1. How incredibly beautiful. Funnily enough I’ve been to Mont St Michel in Normandy, but never its British counterpart! Love your account of the day. #MondayEscapes

  2. omg these pictures are breathtaking, i scold thorough them a few times taking in all the details , such a stunning place and you have captured it beautifully x #modayescapes

  3. Those skies!!!! They’re just incredible!! My three are always keen to slay dragons and fight off intruders whenever we visit a castle. We’re actually going to stay in one for a few nights next year and they’re already planning ferocious battles.

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