Life is…

Life is all the chunky knits packed ready for our weekend away…new baby squishes…uncontrollable laughter coming from Robb’s bedroom whilst they watch Dumb & Dumber…all the Snowdon pics after the outdoor bloggers weekend…bragging about this sticky apple traybake at work, only to come in the following day to a massive box of cooking apples on my desk…I got the hint, lads, I got the hint..“ooh, Mam, I love the smell of a new carpet”, weird children of mine…watching the bois help my Dad with his gardening job and collecting a whole bag of conkers whilst at it…the accused on podcast, I couldn’t switch it off…the search for Taid’s Army Service No continues, a big thanks to those of you who have helped out…a football match against Cynwyd that the bois had arranged all themselves…a hot tub party which turned into some sort of pool party for a minute there…quiz night at the Duds, I’d like to say we did well but, to be honest, we were shocking…less wine next time maybe?!…or maybe we didn’t have enough?…

I tried to go a whole blog post without mentioning the Autumn colours then…but…OMG, THE COLOURS!!!! ;)

Have a great weekend!

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