{captured} A Weekend In Edinburgh

That’s it!  That’s all of my Holiday Entitlement at work used up for the year.  I did well this year though, I’ve usually only got one or two days left at the end of August/September.  The struggle is real, bobol bach ;) .  Anyway, we managed to get ourselves booked on a weekend away on the outskirts of Edinburgh.  The best way to use up all my holidays and to end our “Holidays of 2016″…{psst, that wasn’t a thing, but maybe it will be from now on?!}.  

The discussion about where we wanted to go on holiday was raised over tea one night a while back and I can still remember one of the responses we had from the bois “I just want to go to Edinburgh and see a Scotsman in a kilt, playing the bagpipes”


Done!  We can go home now.  Joking.  There was so much more to see…but, omg, street photography is so hard!  What’s the trick here?!  Here’s my pick of the “best” {I use that term loosely} that I got.

The Castle




Castle’s just as the Sun is starting to go down though…{insert all the eye-heart emoji’s here}



^^ I love how serious the bois are taking this photo! ^^

Out and About


Hair by Alfie – Please form an orderly queue…




Arthur’s Seat

By far the best plan of the weekend – heading up to the top of Arthur’s Seat at sunset.  Alf’s competitiveness really came out at this point, he made sure he was the first one to the top.  And then the first one to get back down, I nearly lost my footing at one point but managed to save myself just at the right time, much to the bois’ disappointment, I’m sure.


Stopping to “take a photo” but really stopping because omg, Alf, s l o w  d o w n.



The last time I was up here it was in the morning and I was by myself.  At sunset with my bois wins every time.

Just.  So.  Pretty.  {And so cold}.  But so worth it.


We soon warmed up over steak frites and a pint of guinness at The Last Drop.  We also enjoyed some really good food at the Beehive Inn {served by someone in fancy dress who had lipstick on her teeth…I didn’t tell her as I thought it was part of the costume but it’s stuck with me since that maybe I should have told her, that’s the girl rule, isn’t it?!}…

We also visited the National Museum of Scotland and the Edinbugh Dungeons where Robb and I headbutted each other we had such a fright on the boat ride and Alf had his head under Paul’s jacket most of the time…we know how to give our bois a good time…


Diolch Edinburgh.  You were great.

PS – Street photography tips – hit me.

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24 thoughts on “{captured} A Weekend In Edinburgh

  1. I’ve been told if I was to ever visit Scotland – Edinburgh is the place (not that I’m particularly a fan of cities)
    It does look lovely though. 8 picture down – everyone is colour coordinated – coincidence?!

  2. I love Edinburgh. Have been a couple of times but only for conferences so never got to look round. I’d like to visit Arthur’s seat so maybe I’ll have to plan a trip in the new year!

  3. Great post, loved reading it and seeing your brilliant photos. I’ve visited Edinburgh once but really didn’t do it justice. Definitely going back, if only to see the sunset from Arthur’s Seat, amazing pics!

    1. If there’s one thing that should be on everyone’s list when visiting Edinburgh, it’s to see the sunset from there. It was definitely the highlight for us.

  4. Looks amazing, Edinburgh is definitely on my bucket list! I’ve used up all my holiday allowance for the year (after I go Berlin next weekend)- sad times :(

    1. It’s beautiful there, isn’t it?! We were only planning on having the one day there and another elsewhere…turns out there’s so much to do in Edinburgh we spent all of our time there. X

    1. Thanks! We were so lucky with the weather too. My husband seems to think that the bad Scottish weather is some sort of myth just to keep everyone out, ha. It’s been gorgeous weather every time we’ve visited!

  5. Oh my goodness I have a post on Edinburgh from a couple of years ago with that same bag piper but in a different outfit. My son loved him so much we had to wait until he finished playing before we could leave :)

  6. I love your photos – I couldn’t give you any tips! We were in Edinburgh recently, but it was more specifically for a zoo visit so we didn’t really ‘do’ the city. Maybe next time…. love your sunset views #MondayEscapes

  7. What a great collection of photos. The last time I was in Edinburgh was for a rugby match. I saw the inside of pubs and the stadium. I’m well overdue a return visit to see some of these wonderful sights. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

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