Un Llun ar Dydd Llun

I’m pretty sure the only reason I go running these days is because of all the photo opportunities that I know are waiting for me, literally, just around the corner.

Whatever floats your boat and gets you out there, I say.

This was one I got while out running yesterday morning.  It wasn’t raining when I left…but sure enough it started to fall, along with the sleet, and my ears were not impressed that I’d left my running headband at home…

An hour later I arrived home with a red nose, cold ears, a bunch of pics on my phone and one big smile on my face.

I missed it.  I always do.

What’s your motivation when it comes to getting out and excercising?

11 thoughts on “Un Llun ar Dydd Llun

  1. Getting that view, catching that experience. Especially if there’s no one else around those times feel like yours and can be quite special in a misty eyed type of way. Challenge as well, whether it be ticking hills off a list or completing a walking route.

    1. Yes! It’s always my “me-time” too, which makes it all that little bit more special. I always feel that it’s more of a challenge when the weather isn’t on your side too.

      1. This morning’s weather is making me want to just get out there…unfortunately, I’m stuck in an office with sore legs from the gym last night!! 🙈

  2. I think my usual motivation is something along the lines of “clearing my head”. It’s definitely harder to drag myself out to do anything when it’s dark and rainy and cold and rubbish though :(

  3. I wish there was a like button on blog comments sometimes – I love all the comments above! For me, even if the weather’s not great, it’s that sense of achievement that you went out despite the weather – it feels so good when you get home. And actually if you embrace the rain, it can be really fun :)

  4. Mornings around here have been amazing no matter the weather as the starlings have been hanging around – doing their morning dance across the valley. It’s been misty too and frosty, certainly tickles your senses.

    I love that tree, I love autumn’s trees full stop!

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