My Llan // Blaen Dre

Us Four.

I’m guessing I’m around 7 or 8 here, which means that Dion is 5 or 6 , Gethin 4 or 5 and Lowri around 3.  In other words I’ve no bloody idea!  But here we are, one of the many family photos of us four, posing alongside a land rover outside our Nain and Taid’s farm, Blaen Dre.  I’m surprised Di and Geth aren’t in the same clothes, because that’s how it was back then, us girls in the same clothes and the boys in theirs.  But then again, this wasn’t Sunday School and we weren’t going to be seeing Sion Corn that day…

But, back to Blaen Dre, I can still see the dead pheasant’s hanging from the ceiling, waiting to be plucked…the familiar smell, the tiles, and the steep, winding stairs up to the bedrooms and an Aha poster on one of the walls. I can still see the four of us sitting on the sofa in the living room, trying our best not to get caught laughing at how our Uncle was eating his food.  Made even funnier when he was eating his chips…!

I’ve got one slightly fuzzy memory of someone burning their hand or arm on the iron and Nain pouring some sort of ointment or something on it.  Always Nain to the rescue and Taid would walk in, just so, with his flat cap and a huge smile on his face, ready to take the mickey out of one of us.

The stories we used to hear and still do about times up there!  My favourite when I was younger was the story about the cow who’d fart every time it coughed.  The four of us would throw our heads back in laughter while Mam did her best impression of the cow, trying her best not to wet herself laughing…always failing and would end up bent over and in tears of laughter.

Every time I look at all of the albums Mam and Dad have got at theirs, I always think how funny it would be to go back to a certain place and re-take a photo us all there today.  All I need to do is convince Dion to wear a pair of shorts…!  Ha.

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