Beachcomber Waterproof Coat // Lighthouse

So, I’ve not quite got to the beach with this coat yet but I’ve gone pretty much everywhere else with it ever since it arrived.

For a while now, I’ve been looking at all of the bright yellow raincoats that are out there and have always thought “I’ve got a good waterproof already, I don’t need another one”…until now.


Lighthouse is the product of an evolved vision to create outerwear that has unique style whilst maintaining all the practical waterproof features that have the traditional perception of compromising on style.

Whether you are heading out on new adventures or exploring your favourite neck of the woods, Lighthouse clothing is all about still being able to head out whatever the weather.

Let me introduce you to the Beachcomber Waterproof Coat;

It really has become my Go To Coat for everything; be it “adventure walking”, standing on the pitch sideline watching Alf play football or like this weekend, shopping with the family.  It is too early to mention the C word on here yet?!…


Here’s what Lighthouse say about their Beachcomber Waterproof Coat:

Inspired by the traditional fisherman’s mac and the classic, nautical look, our Beachcomber coat is both hardworking and stylish.

Combat cold, drizzly days with our colourful raincoat. Sunbeam and french navy details bring in a maritime theme, whilst our antique brass toggles add an authentically, rustic finish. Our watermelon option adds a bold and fresh new look.

I love how bright and snug it is, the deep pockets that easily hold my large {but empty ;) …} purse, my iphone etc. and just how practical and stylish it is.  We have been very fortunate with regards to rain and not had much this Autumn, so I’ve not had to use the hood until recently and was able to adjust it so that it stayed put firmly.

More importantly, it isn’t restricting me anyway whatsoever when it comes to keeping up with my bois on our walks…



I couldn’t bring myself to sit on it and swing out high {as Robb did}...just in case…it wouldn’t have been the best of photos would it, me sprawled on my back having just snapped the swing…


All in all, a great quality and stylish coat.


More info website / facebook / twitter / instagram

Whatever Mother Nature may throw at you, feed your wanderlust, enjoy the simple moments in life and discover the beauty in your surroundings.


{serious face; Lighthouse gifted this coat to me in return for an honest review, all words and photos are my own…and that hight jump, that’s all mine too ;) }


3 thoughts on “Beachcomber Waterproof Coat // Lighthouse

  1. Ah you wore that coat on our walk – I first noticed how colourful it was, a certain mood boast for the winter eh?! It is very stylish…. x

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