{Walking Wales} Castell Dinas Bran

Back in November, Alf and I met up with some friends in Llangollen to head up to Castell Dinas Bran.

I blogged about it all {with all the lols’ too… ;) } back then and it’s taken me until today {28th April 2017} to realise that the whole post has just disappeared!


{my face was a bit like Alf’s here trying to figure out what had happened to the original post…} ;)

So, incase you’ve stumbled across this post whilst searching for “Walks in North Wales”, “Castles to Visit” or “Things to do in North Wales / Llangollen / The Land of Song”…or words to that affect, here’s some pics to prove to you that Wales / Llangollen / The Land of Song really is as beautiful as they say;


Bracken because…I love the colour of everything everywhere in Autumn.


My face!  Genuinely made up that Alf agreed to be in a photo with me…I mean, he’s not looking but he’s in it.  With me! ;)




Views for days at the top.


Castell Dinas Bran was showing off that afternoon.

“Dinas Bran” is variously translated as “Crow Castle,” “Crow City,” “Hill of the Crow,” or “Bran’s Stronghold.” The castle first appears in 12th century historical documents as part of a medieval piece entitled “Fouke le Fitz Waryn,”or “The Romance of Fulk Fitzwarine.” While this work claimed that the castle, known as “Chastiel Bran,” was in ruin as early as 1073, the remains we see today date to the occupation of the princes of Powys Fadog in the mid 13th century. Possibly, the Chastiel Bran mentioned in the romance was a Norman timber castle, but nothing of substance supports this conjecture. However, the encompassing ditch and earthen embankments, which enclose the southern and eastern portions of the stone fortress, do date to the Iron Age. They remind us that this hilltop had strategic value long before the princes of Powys, or the Normans, ventured into the region. Interestingly, the word, “Dinas,” has its origins in the Iron Age as well, and is found in the names of Iron Age hillforts throughout Wales.

Taken from THIS SITE




Every time I look at this photo I just want to belt out something like “Mae Hen Wlad fy Nhadau…”


Fair to say Alf enjoyed the going down more than the going up.



THE perfect snack stop!

Castell Dinas Bran you were a dream that afternoon, diolch!

9 thoughts on “{Walking Wales} Castell Dinas Bran

  1. Your photos of these beautiful ruins and landscapes really spark my imagination. I wish I could roam those hills and see what’s over there.

  2. Aww what a lovely post! I’m just about to publish mine, struggled a little as my pictures seem to be blury boo! After seeing your camera, I really want one now. Haha. It was a wonderful day, super excited to go on another adventure! :D xxx

    1. Cheers Chelsea. Looking forward to the next one already too. You’ve just reminded me, I was going to send you a link, wasn’t i?! Will get that to you asap x have a lovely weekend xxx

  3. I spent a lot of this post really confused as I was convinced I’d been to a Dinas Castle that looked just like this but it was in Pembrokeshire?! Anyway, you’ve made this look so beautiful in your pictures and you just can’t beat those north Welsh hills. We go to Snowdonia a lot to see the mother in law, but haven’t ventured north of the A5 😂. You’ll have to send me the coordinates as I have a man who will need to recreate your man’s!

    Kayte | http://www.simpleandseason.com

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