A few things i’m loving right now…

IT’S DECEMBER!  Let’s all just take a moment here to let that one sink in…*counts* ready?!  It’s really December.  *panic buys everything*…because that’s what I tend to do, sorted or not sorted for Christmas.

Anyway, here’s a list of things I’m loving right now, because I’ve really taken to writing lists this year.

1 :: Heading out for a walk with my bois, or when we’re feeling very brave, Paul and I will head out without them, leaving them at home and leaving us to walk and talk at our own pace…AND in peace…and also laugh at me while we try and take some decent pics of me in my new hat…which leads me on to number 2…

2 :: My Hat!


Made of Merino Wool {techy info bit alert!} it is a natural fibre, so is soft on the skin.  It is also a warm fibre, therefore retaining the heat and remaining breathable.  Merino wool stretches to keep its shape, making it ideal for any activity or travelling and also absorbs moisture to keep you dry.  As well as all that its a great looking hat and a nice snug fit which has kept my head lovely and warm over the past few weeks, whether out and about with my bois or out on site with work.

It does make my new fringe look hilarious when I take it off though…ha!


We’re in December now, so I’m going to say it, this hat would make a great stocking filler for the outdoorsy or just-likes-being-warm person you’re buying for.

I love it so much, it has also replaced my much loved and handmade knitted hat I made myself the other year.  But there’s a pom pom on this one, so all is good ;)

3 :: I’ve just finished The Unforgotten by Laura Powell.  “Summer, 1956. Fifteen-year-old Betty Broadbent has never left the Cornish fishing village of St Steele or ventured far beyond the walls of the boarding house run by her erratic mother. But when the London press pack descends on her village to report on a series of gruesome murders, Betty’s world changes. In particular, she is transfixed by mysterious and aloof reporter, Mr Gallagher.

As the death toll rises, an unlikely friendship blossoms between Betty and Gallagher. But as their bond deepens, they find themselves entangled with the murders and each is forced to make a devastating choice, one that will shape their own lives and the life of an innocent man forever.”

I feel I always struggle to write a good book review other than just write “Such a great read.  Go read it!”…so…err…Such a great read.  Go read it!… And now onto “Wild” {the one with Reese Witherspoon in the film}, enjoying it so far.

4:: Have I mentioned getting out for walks and just generally being outside when the weather is as perfect as it is right now?…Meeting handsome horses is always a bonus.

5 :: Homemade Shortbread with Chocolate Chips.  Diolch Alf.  I love it when the bois come home from school all excited and inspired about something they’ve made that day and just have to make it again, right there, right then!

6 :: This Mountaintop {Buff}.  When I attended the Outdoor Bloggers Weekend back in October, we were kindly gifted a goodie bag each and one of the items in it was this Buff, amongst loads of other great stuff.  This has also become one of the items I always have either in the back of the car or with me on walks, for myself or one of the bois.  Who am I kidding?!  It’s probably because of them I can’t find it right now.  It’s probably in one of their school bags!  But anyway, something that we have come to use all of the time now.

7:: Something else that was in that goodie bag, these hi-tec socks.


Whether I’m pitchside watching Alf play football or out walking, yep, you’ve guessed it, I’ll be wearing these.  So much so, that my sister took one look at me the other day and laughed at me saying “Have you washed those socks since you’ve had them?!”…I have, I promise.  Just worn them a lot too, so it seems…

8 :: So.  December!  Seeing as the bois have just been given their 3rd advent calendar for this year {!!}, I’ve decided to shake it up this year a bit too.  So, instead of them getting to shove 3 chocolates into their mouths without a thought for anything or anyone else, this year, thanks to this post and some pinterest ideas, I’ve decided to fill the Snowman Advent Calendar up with some silly fun things to see and do…and make, fingers crossed!, to get us all into the Christmas spirit.  {More to follow on this!}  To be fair, I think the Snowman will be pleased with this idea too, as he’s usually hung up somewhere and then gets completely forgotten about and is always usually left with the snowflake sitting on the 5th December…

9 :: The Cadbury’s Twirl I just found in the bottom of my bag!  Sorry Robb/Alf, whosever it was…but it was really, really good. ;)

10 ::…have I mentioned getting out and about?!…


…now tell me, what would be on your DIY advent calendar; which Christmas Film would you have to watch?  What would you have to bake?  Where would you have to visit?  Give me some ideas!  Diolch.


{serious face:  I was kindly gifted my merino wool hat for the purpose of a review and all thoughts, words and pics are my own…even if we did take a hell of a lot more and I could only come up with 2 half decent ones to use…}

7 thoughts on “A few things i’m loving right now…

  1. Christmas film is Die Hard, I know, I know I can hear those who love Christmas screaming, but its set on Christmas Eve and has the best baddie ever!! Lol. Or you could say Elf, because its awesome! I love the cold months and the crisp blue skies, unless I’m in work and it annoys the hell outta me as I want to be out. Like all this week!!! As for baking, a Panettone, love them and if you don’t eat it all it makes a fab bread and butter pudding (with custard!!!)

  2. Beautiful photographs! Mini beauty products my bloke bought me in the summer but I’ve not been allowed to see as it’s part of a beauty advent calendar. Ok I just came up with that idea now lol HomeAlone, every time! I’m not so good with the baking so cheese straws? And Edinburgh to experience a christmassy feel in another city.

  3. ERM I may have not washed my socks since I got them – they’re so darn comfortable, Oooh I like the colour, I got the green ones, we should do a foot photo of one of each, elf feets haha.

    Lovely list and pictures – it’s not been as picturesque here, well that’s a lie, it’s always picturesque but I mean in terms of shimmering sunsets and magic light dancing through the trees. We’ve just had blankets of mist and fog which have kept us quite warm so no complaints on that side of things.

    Hmmm I have to bake banana bread with chocolate chips, we tried a ‘no bake’ peanut and dark chocolate bar which was yummy. I’ve to agree with Trek & Tours, Elf is the ideal movie and Rik tries to watch Home Alone (not a fan) oh and I like the Golden Compass too.


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