{they said it would be easy} Stitch & Story’s knitted socks

I’m sat here with nit lotion in my hair thinking how do I start this post?…Isn’t parenting glamorous at times?!

Anyway, these chunky knitted socks.  As soon as I saw the pattern was in November’s issue of Mollie Makes, that was enough for me to buy it.  Having used Stitch & Story’s patterns {and won their wool in a competition!} before, I knew it would be a nice and simple pattern to follow.


I just didn’t bet on one sock being hilariously larger than the other one, resulting in me having to undo it and re knit it again, twice!  Nothing to do with the pattern, just my knitting skills.

And here they are, my very first pair of socks that I’ve knitted!  With it being chunky wool, they knitted up in no time…and that’s why I love to follow chunky wool patterns, almost immediately you can see it’s shape forming.

I didn’t use Stitch & Story wool here though, I had plenty of other chunky wool left over from making blankets to give these a go.  This could also be why my socks don’t look exactly like the pic in the magazine too…that or my socks making skills need some more practice?!…


My sister was here one evening as I’d just finished my first sock and commented on how much she liked my stocking and asked whether I was going to hang it above the fireplace this Christmas…oooohmagod, we laughed so much when I told her it was meant to be just a normal sock!

And then we thought about stitching them onto a jumper and putting a bottle of wine in it and wearing to a family party on the weekend…{we didn’t…}

They haven’t become my slipper socks around the house because Rolly loves to bring mud in with him from the garden and I’m not ready for mud to meet them just yet, but they are lovely to wear when I’m reading before getting into bed…and sometimes in bed, too. ;)

A lovely beginner’s project to try, if you fancy giving it a go.  Mam isn’t a fan of following patterns when it comes to knitting, so last Christmas I decided it was about time she learnt.  I bought her the Stitch & Story Cushion Cover Kit and guess what?!  She did it no problem.  We’re fans now.  Of patterns and Stitch & Story.

More info: Stitch & Story || Molly Makes

Made anything yourself recently?

{serious face ;  unfortunately I haven’t been paid in money or chunky wool by anyone for this post, just something I tried and thought I’d share with you}

6 thoughts on “{they said it would be easy} Stitch & Story’s knitted socks

  1. I knitted a sock once! On double pointed needles.. it was fiddly, annoying, and turned out to be a stupid size/shape. Probably explains why I didn’t make a partner for it…

  2. OK I’ve to ask about the nit lotion?! Is that a present from the bois?

    OMG I LOVE those socks – I can imagine them on my feet, I’m a big fan socks in bed…. Mum has just took up knitting (well I gave her a book on it). I caught her last night trying to use pens (because she’s waiting for her knitting needles to come) it didn’t go too well but it put her off. Whilst I’m not one for knitting, I’d gladly be in receipt of knitting goods. ;-)


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