My favourite DIY yet…a hanging bough, complete with pom-poms!

{…at least I think that’s what you’d call it?!}

So, last year when I went on a Wreath Making Course, I came away from there with not only some new knowledge on what can be used and how to use it etc. {basically, anything and everything!} but also a determination that this year I was going to make my own all by myself, as well as other decorations.  Bringing nature inside, if you will… It’s only right, being someone who enjoys the outdoors as much as I do.


I took myself and the dog on our usual walk on Sunday to collect some goods for the wreath I was going to make.  It turns out I got a little too excited and came home with a bag bursting full of moss, leaves, pine cones, holly, berries etc and just as I was arriving home, our neighbour and good friend, Anwen, had kept the cuttings from her Christmas Tree for me!  She nearly broke a leg whilst climbing over the fence with the cuttings, but still…I could slowly see my decorations forming in my head as I laid everything out on the table.

Firsly, I made a hanging wreath, which now hangs outside next to our front door and then a wreath which is sitting on our dining table with a candle in the middle of it, making me very pleased with myself everytime we sit down for tea.  {Easily pleased, me}.


With Paul & Alf out and Robb watching some programme about aliens {obsessed}, I found myself with some time on my hands to have a play about with what was left over.  And before I knew it, I was making pom-poms, singing along to Christmas tunes, getting all excited…whilst Robb closed the door every so often.  I’m guessing this had nothing to do with my bad singing and he just couldn’t hear the telly properly…all this AND I was making a curry at the same time too.  Multi-tasking at its finest! ;)


Anyway, the hanging bough.  Ridiculously easy; You will need:

1 Cutting from a Christmas Tree


1 Hanging Decoration or something similar – mine is from Aldi, I think it was 4 in a pack for a few quid.

Pom-Poms – Mine are homemade or bought will work just fine.

Or if pom-poms aren’t your thing – any baubles you’ve got left over

How To:

Tie some string around both ends to start with and then attach the hanging ornament to it along the centre, tie the end onto one small branch so that it will stay put.  Have a play about and decide where you are going to hang the pom-poms {or baubles} before you do tie them on…as that Tree was v e r y spiky…you just need to take a look at my hands and you can tell.  Once everything is in place and you are happy with it, stand back and squeal/admire at your diy skills, making sure you get everyone in the house to do the same and love it too…{ok, that’s just me, scrap that last bit if you like…}.  Easy!

Bonus – the cuttings from trimming the pom-poms now work as fake snow along my other decorations around the fireplace!

After all of this, I still had enough pine cones, holly and tree cuttings left over to put around the house and hang from some picture frames.  Perfect!

It’s safe to say that I’m loving the homemade Christmas feel at ours this year.  Tonight, we’re baking orange slices to make more decorations with.  Wish us luck…!

{serious note; I haven’t been paid millions or sadly, been paid in pom-poms for this post for any brand that I’ve mentioned, simply just sharing where I got the products from.  But, if you want to pay me in pom-poms, my address is…ha!}

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