Life is…

Christmas Day this Sunday…really?!…all the candles…Baileys at 5pm making Monday ok again…Saturday’s Sunset…Yellow Belts in Karate {Go Team Lowe!}…all the pom poms…Rhug’s Sion Corn restoring the belief in Alf {not sure if it had gone to be honest…} but it was something beautiful to witness…”he remembers you from when you were a little girl, Mam!”…”it really was him, wasn’t it?!”…I did shed a tear or two {sat outside Lidl too…} over the thought of Alf not believing this year…and then maybe shed a few more whilst telling Paul about this encounter with Sion Corn…at one point Alf didn’t even want to write a letter this year, but, to be honest he did have a valid point, “I’ve told him in person a few times already!”…homemade wreaths and decorations around the house…a strong desire for the beautiful frosty mornings to return…exams the first day back at school in January {so not fair!}…the arrival of Taid’s WW2 medals…Christmas presents squirreled away for wrapping…but I can’t remember where I put them!…it’s also around this time of year where I sit down and think “right, where next with my blog?!”…Robb’s excitement for Christmas, it’s just ace…the need to curl up on the sofa with blankets and films right now and not move for the next couple of weeks.

Life is all the feels around this time of year.

{Life is all the excitement and screams as Liverpool have just scored in their match against Everton…and I swear Robb’s head nearly went through the ceiling he leapt so high!}

3 thoughts on “Life is…

  1. I can hardly believe Christmas day on Sunday either. I spend the last part of the year willing it on and then when it’s imminent I feel like I need another couple of days to do ‘all the things’. Hah! Frosty mornings make getting out of bed so much easier. Love these Life Is updates, they always bring a smile to my face. Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas! x

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