And that was 2016…

Here we are, Saturday 31st December 2016.  A moment of reflection while I sit here with a coffee and a quiet house…ok, and a double decker.  2016; as well as the usual milestones of birthdays, anniversaries, new school years etc there was also new friends, new babies {another one just today!} and new challenges.  Weekends away with my three favourite men, I get to call all mine.  A few highlights for me; our Northern Ireland visit back in June, the opportunities I grabbed with both hands {especially on the rock climb!}… through this blog of mine, when Mam & Dad took the whole 16 of us away for the weekend, Liverpool with the girls, the Obstacle Colour run, the awesome Welsh football team, motorcross riding, surfing in Cornwall, climbing the beauty that is Mount Snowdon, sunset at the top of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh with a fun filled Christmas to top it all off.

And we get to do it all again in 2017.  Doesn’t it feel great to be able to say that?!  We get to do it all again.  And more.  A new year.  A clean slate.  Another year of moments to cherish with friends and family.

Diolch for following along on here with me, even if it’s just the one post you’ve read, diolch, diolch, diolch.

I’m so bloody excited for the New Year.  You should be too.

See you on the flip side…

4 thoughts on “And that was 2016…

  1. This is the most inspiring thing I’ve read about NY. I’ve been baffled by the “2016 was dreadful. 2017 will be great posts” because it doesn’t really work like that, but this is perfectly optimistic and small (in a good way!) Thank you.

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