{running diaries} “This girl is on fire”

Nothing like receiving a TOM TOM Runner Watch for Christmas and people like this lovely lady to get you off your backside and back to doing something that you enjoy now, is there?!

On my first run since early November, I headed off to test out my new watch and, I’m not going to lie here, all I wanted as a result of this run was a pretty map to look at on my phone once everything had synced…4.6 miles later of both road and trail running, that’s exactly what I got.

Until the lighter mornings and evenings arrive, it looks like I will just have to make the most of the weekends to head out for a run.  Alf was playing football in Corwen yesterday which seemed like the perfect opportunity to get a quick run in.  So, off I headed to Corwen…

The first mile is always a bitch but it didn’t take me long after that to get into my stride and start enjoying it.  A couple of miles in Alicia Keys came on my playlist.  I was going well, straight back, long strides and Alicia’s singing “This girl is on fire” and for a moment I was like “I am!  I’m on effin fire, here.” with a massive smile on my face…and then I came to another hill…oh well, it was bloody great while it lasted.

Miles : 5.76    Time : 56 minutes.

Recovery was Meatballs and Mash at Ikea…which sounds like it was our last meal there too as I’ve had to promise Paul I’ll never take him there again…

So, how about you?!   Receive any fitness related gifts this Christmas to get you back on it?!

2 thoughts on “{running diaries} “This girl is on fire”

  1. I dragged myself out for my first run of the year yesterday… The first km or two were awful but after that it was just about bearable. Achey legs today, but definitely good to clear the cobwebs

    1. It is a great feeling afterwards though isn’t it?! I think the walking round and round in Ikea helped as my legs haven’t been too bad today…let’s see what tomorrow brings! Ha

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