Capture Real Life – Good Morning, Good Night

I’ve given myself a mini challenge this year in the form of the Capture Real Life Class with A Beautiful Mess.  A part of me wants to read all the lessons in one go so I know what I need to do or “capture” for the rest of the year but I’ve decided to just read them week by week and just see where it takes me and where my inspiration comes from.

Week 1 : Good Morning, Good Night.


I’ve stopped a few times to take photos of these two beauties at Llawr Cilan and they’re always quite happy to stop whatever they’re doing and say hello.

With everyone else out yesterday morning, it was just me and the dog heading out for a walk.  As much as I love walking with others, a good walk on my own first thing does sort my head out and sets me up for the rest of the day.  The same goes for a run too, but I didn’t fancy overdoing it on my first weekend back to it…


It’s not Sunday without a bath at the end of the day.  And it’s not Alfie Lowe if he hasn’t snuck in to YOUR bath whilst you were getting undressed in the bedroom…

2 thoughts on “Capture Real Life – Good Morning, Good Night

  1. Ha ha we don’t have a bath in ours :( BUT if we did, I suspect this would be the case – Bel would probably get a paw in first!

    I like photo challenges, I’ve not done one as of yet but I do like looking at others…. Keep on going! :)

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