{running diaries} A muddy one

I only managed one run last week.  I was all set to go Thursday while Alf was at football training, but everything was against me that evening, so instead, it was a flask of coffee and a read of my book in the car…and hiding my face when those making their way to Bums n Tums were passing…!

So when Paul came home from his bike ride Sunday afternoon, I was ready to head out.  “You’ve got a couple of hours, go and have some fun” or words to that effect he said as I tied up my laces.


I headed off with a route in mind, the first hill was a killer but as I got nearer to the turning point where I would start heading back, I decided I was going to get to the top of the mountain.  On my way up I met a local farmer who advised me as he was passing in his vehicle “Watcha llithro wan, Cerys!” {“Don’t go sliding now, Cerys!”}.  I laughed it off and carried on making my way up.  I decided to go for a wander once I’d reached the top…and that’s when the real fun started!  Before I knew it, I was ankle deep in mud, bogs, streams and sliping and sliding all over the place.  At one point, following an hilarious slip and maybe an F word, I found myself laughing so hard, I couldn’t get back up.  And so there I stayed for a minute or two, proper belly laughing at the top of the mountain while Rolly looked on at me with the “what IS she doing?” kind of look…the next 2-3 miles were pretty much the same.  Mud, mud and more mud.  I was quite glad to see a gate at the bottom of one track, because it came in very handy when I needed to stop!

Having way too much fun and wanting to clock another couple of miles, I decided to keep going over some fields, heading up again and eventually coming back down the Moelis road and back home.

Recovery was a Sunday roast and the Man United V Liverpool football match.

Miles : 5.42    Time : 1.28 {I told you it was slow!} 

Slips & Trips : Lost Count    Funny looks from Sheep : 3…

5 thoughts on “{running diaries} A muddy one

  1. The time doesn’t count as you were laughing for ages!! Plus the muddy conditions would make it feel a longer run, that’s what I told myself when I calculated the 10 miles walking I did Sunday but my legs felt like they’d done 15!! And the football was about the right result I guess even if it was offside!!

    1. Aah, thanks Margaux! What a lovely thing to say. Like I just said to Elizabeth, it doesn’t look like i’m going to get a run in this weekend and i’m missing it already! But at least I know I’ve got a good walk lined up for tomorrow!

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