Life Is…

Do you know that in all of his 68 years here and living nowhere else but in Llandrillo, Dad has never been up Nyrs Gron?!  I intend on changing that asap.

But before then, Life is…all the feels for Obama…Vineyard Candles, the gin and tonic one is lush…Sugar, Sugar on loud in the office to get me through that last estimate…Paul home for a few days, I missed his face…and his coffee’s in bed ;) …all of these creative ideas running around in my head, I just need to do something with one of them, at least…Killer Pool almost every night…a lot of birthdays in January…crumpled letters and awards in the bottom of school bags…Little Mix tickets!…something to look forward to every month…getting my running mojo back…cute puppies…my first copy of Flow magazine {so far, so good}…a walk up Moel Famau tomorrow…but, before that, a trip to the cinema to see Rogue One.

Life.  It’s all the good stuff.  With good people.

Have a good one.

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