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Quote seen on Pinterest.

I know everyone’s saying it, but doesn’t Christmas feel like it was years ago?!

Apparently not…Hello February!  A new month and all of the new things are continuing for me; the running, the ‘miracle mornings’ {that’s a post all in itself}, podcasts {I feel like I’m late to the party on this one, but all of a sudden I’m like GIVE ME ALL OF THE FUNNY AND INSPIRING PODCASTS} and then there’s the 30 day yoga challenge.  #whodathunkit.  Let’s just say that maybe my 2017 is starting in late January…

So far, so good.

A bit of a love/hate relationship going on with this time of year…It’s like I’m waiting on these longer evenings to arrive but also just can’t wait to get changed into my pyjamas as soon as I get in from work.  I feel a bit like I’m just living for the weekends at the minute, eager to just head outside whether it’s running by myself or walking with the bois.  Lunchtime walks during the week are helping…but it’s always a quick walk up the lane and back.  I need to see more.  The office window is currently wide open, so that’s something, I suppose.

Who is with me?!

4 thoughts on “Capture Real Life – Nature 

  1. Nope still singing Christmas carols here! :S

    i think January is a test month for a lot of people, late to the party of not, you’ve showed up and that’s all that matters. I’m with you on the yoga! Just found a 30 day challenge which I tagged you in on Instagram.xx

  2. Ahhh pyjamas… is it too early now (1.05pm…)?!!
    I think part of my problem this year is we’ve not actually had a proper winter. We’ve had very few frosts, and no snow where I am (the four flakes this morning do not count). I’m willing on Spring too, but doing my best to not wish my life away too much.

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