Capture Real Life – Outtakes

There’s a bit of a Love / Hate relationship going on between these two.

Robb Loves the dog…but the dog isn’t that big on Robb, if I’m honest.

But then, I tend to growl and show my teeth to whoever thinks it’s a good idea to wake me up when I’m dozing on the sofa too…

This picture was taken the other night during one of their err…happier moments, yes, let’s call it that.  I managed to get a few of them together…Robb just trying to hold Rolly and Rolly just showing his teeth to Robb.  You know, the usual.  And then, as if the dog knew what I was doing {or whether he’d just given up on life by this point…}, I managed to get this one.

Rolly doesn’t look fed up at all, does he?…

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