Love is…

A spontaneous coffee and cake with Paul…a kick about with the football {even though it’s really, really cold outside}…family walks…Alfie’s infectious laugh…and his bad attempt at serenading me with a guitar…a text from Robb explaining the school might call as he’s had an accident, but he’s fine and not to panic…and then a phone call from Robb as he knew I’d panic and wanted to reassure me all is ok…he knows his mam…really good home made hazelnut cookies…but to go and burn carrots a couple of days later…snowy runs…Nigel Owens’ interview on Desert Island Discs…Rolly snuggled up and fast asleep on Paul…the Best of Friends, A Barn, Rugby and Guinness…and maybe a shot of something Japanese {WTF?!}  I think it was Japanese anyway…I drunk it all the same ;) …being asked to be Godmother…cute puppies at work running off with my woolly hat…a Jammie Dodger with the 3 o’clock cup of tea…’This is Us’ on Channel 4…

All of the above and more.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

3 thoughts on “Love is…

  1. Aww what a great post, I’m not the soppy kind but I really felt this! I’m a little late to the party (again). Rik and I went bouldering for Valentine’s not the usual romantic ideal but there was lots of laughter and to me, that’s what love’s about eh! Aww Rolly falling alseep, Bell knows a bit about that, ha lots about that (as she sleeps on my pillows these days!!!)

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