Capture Real Life – Silhouette

Billy, sat in a pub window watching the world go by. Waving to everyone and getting excited whenever we spotted a dog, or any animal.

Robb summed him up in the car on the way home “Billy was awesome these past couple of days”. ❤️

They all were, to be fair.  Aah, these Lowe Bois Bach.  They’re the best.

2 thoughts on “Capture Real Life – Silhouette

  1. Such a beautiful photo! I just saw that you take photos on a Sony RX100? I love the aesthetics in your pictures. Do you edit them much?

    1. Thanks, Anna. I edit them ever so slightly with either VSCO or Snapseed. I use a mix of both my camera and my iphone for taking photos. What about you, do you edit yours at all? I love your photos.

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