My Top 10 Travel Must Haves

Seeing as it’s currently wet and miserable out there, here’s a little something to get us all in the mood for those Spring/Summer Holidays you might have booked already!  Plus Mark Warner are currently on the lookout for new Brand Ambassadors and I thought, heck, why not give it a go?! 


1: A Good Camera : It goes without saying really, but a good camera is definitely a good start.  How else are you going to capture all that you see and do?!  We’ve got the Sony – Cyber-shot RX100 II 20.2-Megapixel Digital Camera and I’ve been using this for the past couple of years now and I love it.  It fits in great with our holiday lifestyle.  I carry it with me everywhere, everyday even when I’m not on holiday.  It’s just the right size and fits in coat pockets etc.  As much as I’d love a big fancy camera, I really don’t want to be lugging it around with me all day either.

2 : A Sense of Exploration/Adventure : We love a few days around the pool but we also love to head out and explore the surrounding area.

Our bois, and us too if I’m honest, love nothing more than an “adventure walk” as they like to call it, too.  It could be taking a different route to wherever it is we’re heading……the sense of achievement when we’re all at the top of a mountain together…getting closer to the sea via the rocks…

Speaking of the sea…

3 : A Good Beach Bag :

Loving the look of these O Bags.  It might only just fit my stuff in it…but hey, the bois are big enough to carry their own stuff now, right?! ;)

4 : The Urge To Try Something New : Thanks to a rainy day in France a couple of years back, we ended up trying something completely new to us as a family, canoeing!  AND we only live 8 miles away from Bala Lake…Apart from the odd moment of “what if there ARE sea monsters?!” from me {!}, we had a great time.

5 : European Sat Nav : I’ll be the first to admit I can’t read maps.  So reading maps ABROAD…URGHMAGOD, I can’t think of anything worse!  So Thank God for European Sat Navs!  Ours has helped us out so much over the last few years.  From the Ferry Port to our holiday destination, exploring the area we are in and that time we went to watch the Tour De France up in the mountains, it has been so useful to us on our travels.

6 : Scooters :  We’re not a family that love to fly so we always tend to get to our favourite destination, which is France, by ferry.  But this also means we get to carry whatever {well, a certain amount anyway!} we wish with us.  The Bois scooters have come in handy.  They love nothing more than scooting around the site we are staying at or the town we are visiting on their scooters.

7 : A Planner : A bit of online reasearching of the area we are heading to and making a list of things we want to see and do whilst we’re there is always a good idea.  We don’t always fill up our plans but just an idea of what’s in the surrounding area especially if the weather changes etc.

8 : Sunglasses : It’s not a holiday if you haven’t got new sunglasses now, is it?!  Seeing as mine have seen better days, I’m on the look out for some new ones…

9 : A Good Book : The same goes for a good book whilst on holiday too.  Our Bois do like a lie in so sometimes it’s nice to leave them there, grab a coffee and read for a while.  It’s a bonus if I get to do this at the beach/poolside ;)

10 : Ball Games : …or just a ball.  If Alfie’s with us, you can bet on it there will be a football being kicked around either on the site we are staying or on the beach…it always manages to find the back of my head too… ;)

So, there you have it, My Top 10 Travel Must Haves.  Writing this has made me so excited for the trips we’ve got planned this year!

What would be your “must haves” to travel with?

Photo Credit : Sunglasses : Nadine Shaabana & Journal: Dariusz Sankowski.  All other photos are my own.

4 thoughts on “My Top 10 Travel Must Haves

  1. Seeing as my holidays tend to be in the Lakes or Snowdonia then my luggage has Walking boots, waterproofs, rucksack, flask, jetboil, maps, compass, GPS, tiffin and swimming shorts, just incase I need to dunk after a long hot walk!!

  2. Italy is my first away destination and I’m trying out some new mircofibre towels and dry bags (from Dry UK) they’re light and compact. I’m also trying to find a great pair of trekking trainers for a Dolomite hike whilst there.

    Cornwall is the next summer holiday and I’ve to take a wetsuit for surfing, SUP and paddle boarding BUT in need of a new one!

    Scotland will be my winter break, thermal will be my ‘must take!’

    Eeek I’m so excited thinking about it all, including our adventures ( i wanted to talk to you sometime about a SUP day adventure in Anglesey) ;) xx

  3. Definitely, try something new. Also, curiosity. I love exploring new places. The details in buildings. Back streets. Different views.
    This is a lovely collection, I need to think what my own travel must haves would be. A book. Camera….. will think.

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