Being Mam…

Being Mam is the whole “argh-i’m-heading-off-for-the-weekend-excitment” along with the slight feeling of guilt…I know those small tears in the car on the way to school this morning were because I’m heading off, he’s such a softie…Being Mam pulls on these heart strings sometimes, eh?!  Being Mam…it’s the offer to help with the baking of the cake for the school fundraiser…only for the “help” to be licking the spoons and bowls afterwards…it’s football injuries whilst practicing before heading off to actual football practice…and then having to back out because of said injuries…and let’s not forget the squeals over the splinter last night!!!…it’s mock GCSE exams {uchafi!}…but the boi did good, or so he thinks, fingers crossed…it’s football challenges on you tube…it’s the offer of a tattoo saying “Best in the World” when you’re already running late…but, how can I say no?!…it’s far too many hot chocolates…uncontrollable giggles at karate {again}…ALL THE MUD…which means ALL THE WASHING…it’s the usual “are you ready?”, “Yes!” only to find him dressed as Santa…in March…it’s the excitement of heading off to stay in the luxury that is this place all by myself.  Bobl bach…I can have a shower/bath with no one trying to come in claiming they “really have to poo in that toilet!” or requesting something through the gap in the door!

Bois Bach, de chi werth y byd yn gron…nai tecstio, iawn?! ;)

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