{walking wales} Dinas Oleu, Barmouth

Last weekend, while the bois were still away, after waking up to gorgeous blue skies, I decided I was heading to Barmouth for the afternoon.  I can’t go to Barmouth and not mention it to Mam & Dad…so, before I knew it, they were in the car with me and we were off.

As we turned at the roundabout just after Dolgellau, the blue skies were s l o w l y disappearing…and before we knew it, we were driving towards Barmouth where it was overcast…

That will teach me to take a towel and spare clothes…in April!…

Dad and I headed off on our walk while Mam headed for the shops…“God knows how many bags she’ll be carrying when we get back down…” Dad 


Sunny or overcast…there’s something about Barmouth.



The walk takes you from Barmouth town centre through the steep narrow winding streets of the Old Town and up to the top of the gorse-covered hill, known as Dinas Oleu (Citadel of Light). As you make your way upwards, dramatic views over the Mawddach Estuary and Cardigan Bay – stretching towards the Llyn Peninsula – unfold. The walk is rich in history and you will explore the first area of land donated to the National Trust in 1895 by Mrs Fanny Talbot.

Taken from the National Trust Site for Dinas Oleu.



Dad and I started our walk by going up the {killer!} steps on your right just as you enter Barmouth on the Dolgellau road.


Despite the overcast weather, the views were still pretty as we made our way up.


With zig-zagging tracks all the way up.


“Dwi di bod yn deud ers blynyddoedd fy mod i isio dod fyny fama, Cer” {“I’ve been saying for years I want to come up here, Cer”} – Dad.


The above two photos are views from ‘The Frenchman’s Grave‘; Auguste Guyard moved to Barmouth with his daughter to escape the war and took up a quiet life here.  His dying wish was to be buried on the slopes where he tended to, and he composed his own epitaph which can be seen by his grave.


We walked along the tops, chatting away before deciding on heading back down to Mam for some lunch…and to find out just how many shopping bags she had managed to accumulate… ;)

A lovely afternoon walk and one I would recommend with kids in tow, too.

Those links again; National Trust Site / The Frenchman’s Grave History

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16 thoughts on “{walking wales} Dinas Oleu, Barmouth

  1. These are beautiful photos, and Barmouth is a beautiful place. The yellow flowers against the dark, overcast landscape are incredibly striking.

  2. I’m with your Dad on that one, should have done that years ago too. I tend to get distracted by the sea but find myself wondering what’s up there…. Looks lovely! Went to Barmouth beach on boxing day once, wind and sea both ferocious and sky overcast but it never loses its appearance does it…. Roll on Summer beach time, you’ll be thankful that extra towel. 😆 x

  3. What a great walk and opportunity for some father-daughter time. Like you say, there’s still something about Barmouth regardless of the poor visibility. It add a touch of mystery to the view. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  4. We head down that way at least once a year and usually stop in Barmouth for fish and chips. However, I’ve never heard about this trail until now. We’re so doing it next time we go, the views look brilliant. Thanks for sharing on #adventurecalling

  5. Barmouth looks beautiful, I can see why it draws you. I adore your photos, especially with that striking gorse. I must visit next time we venture over to Wales. Thank you so much for linking up with us at #AdventureCalling

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