{Capture Real Life} Pieces of me

It’s those of you who have shown me just how important family is.  It’s you who makes me want to do better by my bois, which I can’t thank you enough for.  It’s you who makes me laugh until it hurts.  It’s you who decides with me that “Yes!  Just one more then we are definitely going home…”.  It’s you who brought out the “adventurer” in me.  It’s you who pushes me by saying “You won’t do it” knowing damn well that’s exactly what I wanted to hear.  It’s you who inspires me.  It’s friends like you.  It’s colleagues like you.  It’s that wink.  Right this minute its’ the All Gold 80’s Playlist on Spotify.  Pieces of me?  It’s family.  Always.

2 thoughts on “{Capture Real Life} Pieces of me

  1. Love those types of playlists on Spotify, looked at the 80s one and its missing a couple of classic roller disco numbers in “S express” and “Pump up the Volume”. I off to dig out my 80s Ministry of Sound CDs!!!

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