Life is…

All the high fives for these blooms in our garden, fingers crossed a football doesn’t kill them soon…  Life is…buttery crumpets...”Pleeeease can I have a pig for my birthday?”…a real one…the village football summer league…turns out, the league we ALL live for…days full of sunshine resulting in a bit of diy and some gardening!…could 2017 be the year I finally figure out how to take care of my garden {not a euphemism ;) } …cute baby christenings…hilarious drunk cousins…passionfruit and apple cider on top of the Berwyns…baby showers including “guess what the poo is” game…Micky Flannigan at Manchester Arena {I think I’ve spelt his name differently every time I’ve mentioned him…}…during the interval, a woman pointed out an abandoned shoe left on the stair, “which drunk has left that there?!” I thought to myself…me, apparently!  doh…all the photo challenges…revision study timetables up on bedroom doors…bois who call brioche, “pethe bara ne”…I hope they call them that forever…reaching our fundraising target thanks to all you lovely people who have donated for our 3 peaks challenge this weekend…I’m not sure if it’s nerves or excitement that has just kicked in?!…burnt shoulders after fixing the tent zipper…in MAY?!…and errmagod, we’re in May?!, like how?!…Peter Kay’s Car Share…just Peter Kay himself…bluebells…sunny evenings and a glass of red wine…easily pleased, me.

Life is busy…but oh so good.  If there’s something to be learnt recently, it’s life is for living, this is no practice run.

See you on the other side of the 3 Peaks…

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