Pump o’r Penwythnos

{Five from the Weekend}

1 : Saturday morning started off really early and really slowly {a coffee and book in bed, to be precise}, just how I like it.  That was quickly turned on its head once we realised Rolly needed to see the vet.  He hadn’t been right all week and as he jumped off the sofa that morning, he squealed/cried that much in agony that it didn’t take long for Alf to start.  Hearing all of the commotion {crying}, Robb woke up and within 5 minutes, we were in the car and on our way to the vet.  Bala vets sent us to Ruthin and it wasn’t until we were half way there, that it suddenly dawned on me that a} I didn’t have my phone on me to call Paul and b} We weren’t properly dressed and I wasn’t wearing all of my clothes…I must have said something out loud because both the bois turned to me and said “Mam I think sorting Rolly out is more important than whether you’re wearing your bra or not…” 

So, that was me told.

A few doses of antibiotics later and Roll is a lot better, thankfully.

2 : Alf’s smile as he received his medal at the Corwen Youth FC Presentation Day.  A great afternoon, thanks to those  who were involved with the running of the afternoon.

3 : Wine and giggles with auntie’s and cousin’s.

4 : Family, Tea & Cake (or the Mega Hot Chocolate, if you’re Alfie Lowe…). An afternoon filled with singing, holding hands, playing tag and most importantly, laughing with our Uncle. What’s not to love?!

5 : A late, sunny evening walk with Paul and being chased by the cutest sheep who thought we were there to feed them.  

It’s the simple things.

4 thoughts on “Pump o’r Penwythnos

  1. Wow that’s a hectic mud morning afternoon. I know how you feel – Mr D got hit by a car thankfully after today’s op he will be fine. I think I left the house that day with clogs and gardening gloves on… I’m so glad Rolly is doing much better now.

    Aw it’s the small moments that really count. I think I need to start writing my down too. They’re handy to refer to when life’s hectic !

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