Some positives

In a week of utter devastation…trying to tear myself away from the news…heartbreaking stories from those who survived and helped others…trying to shield some of it away from the bois…but then hearing how the people of Manchester helped each other and making sure the bois heard about these stories of the good in people and not just the evil…it’s slowly become a week of looking for the positives and the simple things that make us smile as we get to carry on with our lives.  It’s a tough sentence to write, that last one.  But, as I’ve read numerous times online this week, it’s news like this that make us want to live life to the fullest.  And live it we will.

Some positives and simple pleasures:

Late evening walks and throwing stones in the river with my bois.

A glass of wine in the garden while we ignored the fact that it was well passed their bedtime because it was too damn nice…and they were having too much fun to ruin it.

Passport Home by JP Cooper on loud.  Alf and I just sat there the other morning listening to this, unable to move.  Absolutely beautiful.

Alf having his best footie match ever.  He was on fire!

Picked flowers brightening up the office.

A hair cut.  A good one.

Robb and the way he is taking on his GCSE’s.  They make me so bloody proud, our bois.

Rolly making a full recovery…but still wanting those snuggles.

The fidget spinner finally arrived!!  {This was BIG news for Alf!}

Focusing on, and Thankful for Friendships that have lasted, literally, a lifetime.  They’re the good ones, the ones that feel soo right and not like a competition.

Speaking of friendships, here’s one I’m definitely going to work on…because OMG! They’re-so-cute-and-I-just-want-to-take-them-home…feeding leftover apple core’s to these beauties next door on my lunchbreak.

Have a good weekend.  If you need me, I plan on launching myself into the lake and cooling off for a bit… ;)

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