Being Mam…

“Hey Alf, did you see Mam’s snapchat?  She tried to do the dab and stuff, it’s so cringe”…

Being Mam…it’s the sleepy mornings…bike rides with cake…laughing at my attempt at tree climbing…tickle fights where I seem to be on the losing side ALL of the time now…opening wardrobes for 2 months worth of ironing to fall out on top of me…Nutella and strawberries on toast…plotting and whispers between Robb and cousins about our weekend away with family – they’re up to something…”If I have a lovely cup of tea with you downstairs…does that mean I will be going to bed a little bit late?” said to me with those big blue eyesAlf sitting right next to me doing his hair in front of the mirror while I do my make up…bruises on arms from getting a little too carried away in karate…but at least none of us came come away with a bloodied nose this time…as if Alf is 10 next week?!…{as if Paul is 43?!…}…it’s the last minute birthday present shopping…it’s all the laughs, tears, swsus and “Definitely, no birthday pigs”….

And apparently, cringy snapchats!  ;)


2 thoughts on “Being Mam…

  1. I’ve just opened my blog reader for the first time in weeks. Scrolled past “5 tips for xyx” review posts and other pretty yawnsome stuff. Then read this and it’s made me smile so much. Lovely post. Thank you.

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