Life is…

Life is…Sunset, my bois and great friends while Little Mix do their thing on stage…since then they have been on quite a bit at ours…“Mam! Quick!  Power is on!” {a fave of ours}…does this make me a “Mixer” now?! ;)  I don’t know, but their songs help with getting Alf ready for school, anyway…Llanfest where I didn’t really see any of the bands playing during the day as I was having too much fun getting all glittered up…plus the Guinness was flowing…The Countdown to our Summer Holiday is ON!…Tour De France on the telly…well, it is July…All the windows wide open to let a breeze through…Sleepovers, Midnight Snacks and not forgetting, Pancakes!…The cutest alpacas have arrived in the village and I don’t know who is more obsessed, Alf or me…Early mornings and yoga…well I’ve done one day, so that’s something, right?!…A lot of Nerf Gun Wars…Green Belts at Karate, Go Team Lowe!…A needy dog…speaking of Rolly, I spoke with a Client at work today who asked “Are you the Lady with the Dog?”, “Yes, that’s me”, “Make sure he’s with you at the office when I call next, please!”…ok then!…The perfect evening for trying out our new inflatable kayaks!…Llandrillo Carnival, always a great day…which turns into a late night…it’s that bloody Guinness again… ;) …Girly catch ups making me excited and nervous in equal measures for our girly holiday next year!…another school year coming to a close, one more year and then this Lowe household is done with Primary School – that’s a scary and sad thought now I’m sat here thinking about it…

Anyway! Before I start sobbing on you, anyone got any tips on getting your husband into Love Island as much as you are…asking for a friend…

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