Life is…

Holiday Blues…Summer is nearly over Blues…Working Parent Guilt/Blues…but then “Birthday Week” arrived and all was great again!…Riverside walks followed by Afternoon Tea with my bois…followed by one too many glasses of red in the evening…but hey, Birthday’s only come round once a year, don’t they?!…watching ALL THE FILMS at the moment…Bridget Jones’ Baby was last night’s choice…that bit at the hospital doors still makes me laugh uncontrollably…if Paul was home, he would have said “Oh, don’t start laughing like that…” It’s that bad…Robb turning 15 {FIFTEEN?!!!}…Year 1 GCSE results…been making my heart burst with love and pride on a daily basis since 2002, that one…both bois were my hero’s when we went Gorge Walking…Alf and I had a bit of a wobble at one bit, but as soon as he jumped, I had to didn’t I?!…busy, busy working on something new, all to be revealed soon, hopefully!…but a head full of ideas and not knowing what to do next and getting way ahead of myself is where I’m at right now…waiting for This is Us Season 2 to start…competitive village treasure hunts is where it’s at…bois who are getting way to used to all of these late nights thanks to the Summer Hols…and getting way too excited about gekkos…and knew when to ask me whether they could get a snake…yes, the night of my birthday and after that last glass of wine…speaking of birthdays, there’s still a lot of chocolate cake and scones left over, [funnily enough, no wine…} if I put the kettle on, who’s having what?!

Here’s to the Bank Holiday!!

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