Running Around Here With Inov8

There’s another reason {apart from the obvious sudden drop in temperature} I know that Autumn is upon us.  I’m slowly but surely getting my running mojo back.  I said slowly, before any of you start laughing.

I don’t know what it is but running during Summer just doesn’t quite cut it for me as much as running in Spring & Autumn does.  And sometimes Winter.

A combination of the fresh mornings and colours changing around me always gets me putting on my trainers…and then tripping over the dog who has suddenly realised what is happening and is all like “WILL SHE REMEMBER ABOUT ME?!”  I best just stay right by her ankles to make sure…


And then there’s running when it’s chucking it down…making it feel like more of a workout and even more worthwhile.


Or, by far my favourite, when it’s frosty and everything around is just so p r e t t y!



Not forgetting the people I will pass and farmers winding down their windows and shouting “Watcha disgyn wan, Cerys!”.

And then there’s the number of times I will jump out of my skin when a pheasant decides to jump out from behind a hedge or when I come across a dead animal...not really a fan of these moments to be honest…

Moving on…a few months back I was sent some Inov8 TRAILROC 285 Trail Running Trainers to test out.  Here’s what made me say yes to that email;


The TRAILROC 285 offers more protection, support and comfort over hard and rocky trails.  Supreme grip and all-over protection combined with increased heel support, a cushioned midsole and durable upper, deliver the ultimate shoe for training on hard and rock trails.

On most runs around here, there will always be a combination of weather{!}, road, rocky/slate trails, mud, fields, streams etc. which is always going to really test a pair of TRAILROC’s.

…as well as testing our teeny tiny dog…I promise you, he loves it!

First thing I noticed is just how comfortable and well fitted they are.  And light!  Soo light.

On my usual run, the first mile or so is running on the road and then it’s the rocky/slate road up to the top of the Berwyn Mountains.  And then it’s the mud…all the mud…and huge puddles of water.

A quick stop to take in this view…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Before continuing back down into the village on a grassy and slightly muddy track which always has me in fits of giggles if the weather isn’t the best!  There’s been a number of times where I’m glad of the couple of closed gates on the way down…

And then heading home through the village to a hot coffee.

For me and my running, the TRAILROC 285’s tick all the right boxes; light, secure fit, good grip, cushioned in all the right places, they look great and I’ve not suffered from any blisters in these, which seems to be becoming a bit of a problem in my other trainers at the moment.


For more info on Inov8 – website / facebook / twitter / instagram


Went running.  Got wet.  Beetroot face.  Mascara everywhere.  Loved it.



{Serious face; Inov 8 sent me these trainers for the purpose of this review, all words, thoughts and pictures are my own…including this cheesy grin because Autumn is here ;) .   A big thanks to Inov 8 for sending these over and helping me out with my running mojo too!}

4 thoughts on “Running Around Here With Inov8

  1. :o I haven’t spotted frost yet! Don’t tell my baby lettuces it’s about…

    Niiice shoes – love light shoes, so not a runner but light hiking boots are appreciated all of the same.

    It’s still very much a summer climate here with a few tell-tale signs like the falling brown leaves, more pheasants about ( I jumped out of my skin when it flew passed me squawking) and of course darker days. But I do love walking in the Autumn, I never get my summer wardrobe right. I get caught out with my thermals!

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