Surf in the Mountains @ Surf Snowdonia

Last Friday evening saw us throwing our sleeping bags, pillows and wetsuits into the boot of the car and heading off to Surf Snowdonia for the evening to sleep in one of their pods and to try and surf the following morning.

In good ol’ Cerys style, it wasn’t until that Friday afternoon that I decided to find out exactly what we needed to take with us.  With a bit of a nip in the air that afternoon, I was slightly worried that we might get cold overnight…but that was quickly turned on it’s head as I read on their website that each pod benefits from underfloor heating, lighting and electric sockets {halleluiah!}.  And a “hearty breakfast” is included!  YES!

Arriving around 7pm ish, we headed to Reception and after collecting our “key” in the form of a wristband, made our way to our pod.

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Each pod has it’s own small decking and seating area, where you can sit to watch the waves.  While the Bois had some play fight or other inside, Paul and I sat outside to watch some filming that was going on…something to do with some guy trying to ski the waves…I’ve still not worked that one out… Anyway, pillow fight over with, we were soon joined by the Bois {and a LOT of midgies…of all the people to forget to bring a woolly hat?!…if you don’t know what I’m on about…take a look here… :) } and decided to head to the bar for a drink.

Having had tea before we set off, we weren’t eating at the bar/restaurant but it all looked really good, especially the pizzas!  I spied a couple of the desserts too – ice cream piled on a milkshake or something…it all looked great anyway.

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“Wake up to the sound of breaking waves”

…and wake up to the sound of waves we did!  I was surprised to see that there were people on there at 8am in the morning.

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With showers and {very clean} washing facilities close at hand, we were all up and ready for our breakfast.

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“It’s a relaxed and family friendly surf village vibe with a soundtrack of birdsong and breaking waves”.

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It was also a very beautiful morning and the walk over to the restaurant that morning might have taken double the time seeing as my camera was with me…

The breakfast was soo good!  Included with your “hearty Surf Snowdonia cooked breakfast” was a hot drink, juice and as much toast and cereal as you wanted.  At £25 per person per night, I think it’s reasonably priced.

And this is what Alf thought of the Hot Chocolate…

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And then it was our time to surf!  Wetsuits on, we headed over to the Academy where we were given our boards, a health and safety pep talk and told which side we would be surfing on.  Seeing as we’ve had surfing lessons previously, we decided to go for the Free Surf Session.

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Gra and Gwen {Paul’s parents} came to watch us and here’s what they got on camera…promise you won’t laugh at our attempts?!…

Paul, Robb and I loved it.  Paul was standing up on his board in no time, Robb a little bit longer…me?  I didn’t stand at all, BUT I did get on my knees!  Alf didn’t enjoy it as much.  He really took to it and enjoyed it more in the sea.  But we’ve all agreed that we would definitely visit again.

After an hour’s session, we were showered and ready for some warm drinks and cake at the cafe…and a few giggles as we watched Taid’s video’s that he’d got of us all.

Surf Snowdonia – what a treat!  We will definitely be seeing you again.

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For more information on Surf Snowdonia; website / twitter / facebook / instagram

{serious face; This post isn’t paid/sponsored etc.  Our stay was a brilliant Christmas present from Gra & Gwen {diolch yn fawr iawn, eto!}.  I’m just shouting about Wales and what’s to love about it.  All thoughts, words and pictures are my own…including those In Laws of mine! ;)  }

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16 thoughts on “Surf in the Mountains @ Surf Snowdonia

  1. Wow, that looks awesome! Love the pods and the great views. Was also impressed with the breakfast included and for such a good price. I would be hopeless at surfing but I know that my husband would love it. Definitely one to remember for the future! Thanks for sharing with us #AdventureCalling

  2. Surf Snowdonia is well within reach for us and I wanted to go for ages. The pods look great value too. We did some surfing the summer down at Hell’s Mouth and really enjoyed it so I can definitely see us booking in here soon. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling . I hope you can when it opens again tomorrow.

  3. Surf Snowdonia is amazing! I went there last year and being from Australia it was quite a novelty to surf in a pool surrounded by mountains. I found it quite a challenging wave to get the hang of but it is a really unique spot to have a surf. The white water is great for learning. The mountain behind the surf school is a nice climb.

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