8 Things I’m loving right now

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

1 :: Misty Mornings & Views like these making me pull the car over to the side…{and making me late for work…}.

2 :: Pyjamas going on sooner than is needed, but, errmagod, what a feeling when you’ve no where else to be for the rest of the evening apart from the sofa.

3 :: All the Autumnmal colours that we suddenly find ourselves surrounded in…

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset

4 :: Weaving.  I’ve finally got round to trying out the kit that I bought.  Thinking I didn’t have the “skills” to do it…after one evening, I’m…err…hooked!  It’s also very therapeutic.  I love that there’s no “plan” as such with it, just go with it and change it up whenever you feel like it.  Or, at least that’s how I’m doing it, anyway.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I’ve done a lot more to it since I took this photo – keep an eye out for it on my IG account with Rhywbeth_Bach!

5 :: This Pumpkin Tutorial.

6 ::  All the Love for Rhywbeth Bach {a new small business of mine making hats and blankets {with other items coming soon!} knitted with the softest, chunkiest wool} that is happening right now!  It means soo much to me everytime one of you lovely people places an order, Diolch, Diolch, Diolch!

7 :: One Son who still lets me jump into bed with him for cuddles when I’m waking him up for School on these now dark and miserable mornings.

8 :: Uncontrollable Laughter while we watch Home Alone.  Is there anything more better than to hear your child laughing like that?!  I think not.

Have a great weekend!

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