Brodyr / Brothers {5/52}

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Alf : struggling to carry his pumpkin…but still smiling

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Robb : …it is Robb…maybe I should have drawn some glasses on the pumpkin so you know it definitely is him.

Things I want to remember; Robb’s first time watching Wales play at Cardiff…{even if they did lose…]…but the Welsh Anthem that evening was AMAZING!…Alf’s concern for the older brother while we watched Lion, “Mam, pleeeeease just tell me they get to see each other again?!”…and his face when he realised, that sadly, they don’t…fits of laughter when Alf mis-pronounces a word while we read in bed {mostly from me, soz Alf, but it’s all good fun!}…Eggs for breakfast with Robb most Sundays…Alf being so happy that Uncle Rich was there to watch him play football one afternoon {well, we all were, really!}someone {robb} still asking for a “treat bowl” in bed {something we’ve always done whilst watching films} with a smirk on his face, knowing damn well this Mam isn’t going to say no…

Time-Hop is giving me all the feels these days…squishy babies and toddlers with dodgy hair, I love it all.  I really need to start writing all the little things down again at the end of every day because a handful at the end of the week, just isn’t quite cutting it for me at the minute.  I want to write it all down and bottle it all up and keep everything forever.

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