Brodyr / Brothers {6/52}

Blue Planet is back on the telly and suddenly, Sunday’s between 8pm and 9pm is now my new favourite time.  Not because of the obvious {David Attenborough}, but it’s just the four of us, staring at the telly in awe and then in fits of giggles because the dolphins are making noises which can only be described as farting noises.  This week saw Alf’s last ever Gwasanaeth Diolchgarwch {Thanksgiving Service} for Primary School!  Time really is a turd.  Everything just carries on though…birthday celebrations…more Air Jordan’s arriving at the house…more discussions over the perfect goalie glove…more wrestling matches…Robb really going for it when we are paired up in karate…you know, the usual stuff.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Robb : While we watched the rally over the weekend.  Two seconds later, he dropped his snack bar…he really is as clumsy as they come, this one.

We decided one eve to re-create a photo we did a few years back…OR I decided…


Anyway…this is how it turned out…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

LOVING how much Alf is putting his all into it…and Robb…well…

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

…not quite the photo I was aiming for…fifteen year olds eh?!…not that perfect now is he, Nain and Taid?!… ;)


I ummh’d and aah’d over putting these photos on because a} Robb ;) and b} they’re not the best quality…but hey, this is real life {yes, we’re snuggled up under a duvet here} and it’s not always the perfect lighting, make up done right…and apparently, perfectly behaved kids… ;)

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