{review} 123 Flowers

Do you know what I like?  Receiving flowers and a good candle.  I’d also like to eat freshly baked peanut butter cookies every day and for my teenage son to hug me like he really means it…but, hey, that’s not going to happen any day soon now is it?  So, I’ll just stick to flowers and candles for now.  ;)

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BOOM!  This is what Happy Post looks like, thanks to 123 Flowers.

Who are 123 Flowers?  Here at 123 Flowers, we take great pride with every bouquet we create. We understand the importance of those special occasions and the sentiment attached to sending fresh flowers. We have created a range suited for all occasions so that you can be sure to find that perfect arrangement. For birthdays, no matter how old or young, there is a bouquet for them. For that all important anniversary, you cannot afford to miss, we can make sure you don’t let them down.

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I received the Golden Avalanche ; A lovely collection of yellow blooms to make anyone’s day that bit happier.  Our professional team of florists have selected brightly-coloured Germinis, Solidago, Avalanche Roses, and lush Pistacia foliage to make up this beautifully packaged bunch of fresh blooms.

Delivered in a box {along with a cylinder vase!}, I can safely say there was no damage at all, the flowers looked gorgeous and it was as if they were ready for their close up pics right there, right then.  So, I got the camera out…

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Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Each bouquet is designed by our head florist with over 25 years of experience and use only the freshest and most premium quality stems in our arrangements so you can enjoy them for longer.

Taken from 123 Flowers Website

I especially loved the big, bold colours.  They brightened up the room instantly!

It wasn’t long {we’re talking minutes here}, before they were put in the vase, trimmed {because Nain Blaen Dre once told me to always trim the stems on a slant and what Nain Blaen Dre says, you do…}, the flowers put on display, a candle was lit and ta-da…

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You’d think I’d hand picked them myself, I was so pleased with my display!

I got a good week out of these flowers…and seeing as this post is a couple of weeks after delivery, there’s a vase sitting empty if anyone wants to fill it up?…worth a try…

This beautiful bouquet is ideal for birthdays, a housewarming gift, for anniversaries…or if you just fancied treating yourself!…on your husband’s card  ;)

More info on 123 Flowers : website

Diolch yn fawr iawn 123 Flowers, I loved them!


{serious face:  Unfortunately, I haven’t been paid my weight in flowers for this post but I was sent this gorgeous bunch for the purpose of this review.  All Words, Thoughts and Photos are my own…including that teenage son who won’t hug me properly…}

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