Life is…

…receiving photos like this beaut above and squealing/holding back the tears because OOOMAGOD look at that cute button nose and those squishy, squishy cheeks!…I may have looked at it for some time…

Apart from photos sending my ovaries CRAZY, Life is also…Dirty John podcast…not as much sleep as I’d like…but then I will buy all the books…”Calling Major Tom”…“Ice Cream for Breakfast”…prepping {also known as, knitting my arse off} for a School Fair this weekend…Ryan Reynolds on Instagram {hilarious}…W.I – yes, it’s happened, I’ve done it, not going to fight it anymore ;) …I only went and bagged myself a Meet & Greet with Anthony Crolla {British Boxer}…turns out I can’t go, but that half hour after I’d heard I’d won and I was all ‘ARGH!’, OMG, I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!’ and danced around the bedroom excitedly, I’ll take it, because I was genuinely so chuffed and it just felt soo good to be that excited about something on a Tuesday!… instead, I’ve got a 6th Form Open Evening to attend…”A Monster Calls”…Christmas Carols practice, Christmas Carols being played everywhere and the Christmas Adverts…not a fan of John Lewis’ this year, I don’t think they will ever beat the man on the moon one…Actually getting round to printing photos off and framing them!… “I wanna dance with somebody…I wanna eat with somebody” {Alf…who else?!}“Secret Life of 4 Year Olds” making me wish I worked in a nursery…or is it just so I can put a dinosaur on a lead?!…

Aaanyway, Housewives of Cheshire isn’t going to watch itself now, is it?!  Tra tra tra tratratratra tra TAARAAA!*


*How you put the phone down when your Mam’ s on the other end.


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