Pump O’r Penwythnos

{Five From The Weekend}

1 :: BINGO!  Where the village gets together to whistle in unison at “Legs Eleven”, make duck noises, shout “CHIMNEY!” and nobody bats an eyelid…until some numpty shouts “HOUSE!” when they’ve still got one number left…{it was me…}

2 : My first Rhywbeth Bach “stall”!  Complete with a very handsome helper {Robb} who was full of ideas, knocked me up a poster and then told me at one point that my approach to selling wasn’t the best! “Mam, you’re being far too chatty with everyone…go for the hard sale!”…Ha!

3 :: I’ve actually made a start to our Christmas Shopping!

4 :: Sunday’s {late} Morning {Social} Run.  Probably my slowest mile EVER recorded…but the sun was shining, everyone was out and I think we witnessed a bit of a fall out between another couple who were walking nearby!

5 :: I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here is back on the telly!  I think the bois have been counting down since the beginning of November…only Ant n Dec could make fun of Ant being in rehab over the Summer.  Love Them.

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